Azerbaijan clarifies part of income from sweepstakes to be directed to social projects

Azerbaijan has clarified part of the income from sweepstakes, which will be directed to the development of physical culture and sports, as well as socially significant projects. According to Report, the corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov.

According to the content of the document, 1% of the monthly turnover will be allocated for these purposes if it amounted to less than 100 million manats during the calendar year. In those months when the turnover exceeds AZN 100 million, deductions will amount to 1% of the monthly turnover below AZN 100 million and 2.5% of the turnover above AZN 100 million. With a monthly turnover of over 100 million manats – 2.5% of it.

Payments for the development of physical culture and sports will not be made to the National Olympic Committee, as before, but to a structure that will be determined by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In April 2022, advertising of illegal gambling and sports betting was banned in Azerbaijan.

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