European Gaming: Ivan Kravchuk about Evoplay’s six months of outstanding success

Slot studio Evoplay has gone from strength to strength over the past six months with some fantastic new titles as well as celebrating its debut across MGA markets. 

Ready for the World Cup and an exciting few months ahead for the company, European Gaming talked with Evoplay CEO Ivan Kravchuk about CEE team’s perseverance, as well as overcoming the challenges that have made the studio such a standout brand today. 

Kravchuk noted that one of the latest Evoplay’s products, Star Guardians, was presented at the end of 2021, so the first half of 2022 was also focused around entertaining players around the world with the release. It’s received so much positive attention not only from players and casino providers but also from the team. Additionally, Star Guardian’s artbook and comic book – which were both released this year – have become an unprecedented offering in the industry, and a fan favorite.

Star Guardians is still among players’ favorites, so Evoplay is fleshing out its promotional activities and enhancing the gameplay in real-time. 

Evoplay never rests on its success, its ‘eternal engine’ keeps pushing the team to create something new. 

During the half-year period, Evoplay launched 12 products, like the April release of Goblin Run, which is an industry-first crash game that turns gameplay on its head. They deviated from the classic crash-style game scenario, creating a fully-fledged storyline with a protagonist, antagonist, and an opportunity to change skins.

2022 has also been marked by entering into new partnerships with outstanding representatives of the iGaming business, while Evoplay also received a letter of recognition from the MGA and Italian certification for our 62 titles.

Speaking about trends, Kravchuk emphasized that more traditional demographics still choose retro-styled slots, while new generations are thirsty for unconventional products and immersive gameplay. 

However, even retro games fans can find a fresh gaming experience – Evoplay takes a new look at classic slots and reconceptualise them with additional features such as multiplayer modes, Bonus Buy, jackpots, etc. 

The company is also well-prepared for the World Cup and ready to release a package of titles dedicated to football that will surprise the fans. For example, one of the games will deliver a multiplayer experience and a completely new level of betting excitement.

Currently, Evoplay is working on a conceptual idea for our next flagship game.  

“One of our primary goals is to extend our audience reach with sports bettors and Esports fans, as we know exactly what kind of exciting fast-action gameplay they’re looking for, being players ourselves,” – Kravchuk concluded. 

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