SBC Summit Barcelona: Day one

Yesterday Barcelona hosted the first day of one of the most important iGaming events SBC Summit Barcelona.

During the day, five conference zones – Sports betting zone, Casino & iGaming zone, Payments & Compliance zone, Affiliate, Marketing & Media zone, Emerging tech, blockchain & metaverse zone – conducted panels and discussions on the most relevant topics of the industry.

Below you can find highlights and insights from the first day of the SBC Summit Barcelona. 

On the panel “NFTs – unlocking the potential of digital assets” speakers were discussing how NTFs will change the way we play and bet; whether they can bridge the gap between iGaming and GenZ and which models are working and which are still untapped. 

Additionally, Crypto and NFT Investor Megan Nilsson (Crypto Megan) mentioned: “Web3 is the future and a new way of doing things. The newest layer of the web is digital ownership and once you see digital ownership, you never see the web in the same way again”. 

GenZ was also on the agenda of the Future of Sports Betting Era of Inflation panel. The buzz around gamification in sports has continued to grow, but with the need for sports and media to find new ways of keeping GenZ engaged has the future of sports gamification finally arrived?

 “Customers want to be able to find the offering they want and place that bet – that’s the fact.

Customer experience is everything and we have come a long way but there is more to be done,” – said Pontus Lindwall, CEO at Betsson. 

Martin Calvert, Marketing Director of ICS-digital, also emphasized the importance of clients and community building: “I think sometimes you can really underemphasize how much the cost is and the time investment required to build something that resembles an authentic community.” 

The speakers mentioned a blend of friendly regulation and a moderate tax regime of the City of Ceuta, which makes it an attractive proposition for gaming.

Juan Espinosa, Founding Partner of Silverback Advocacy, said: “Just across the Straits from Gibraltar, the Spanish territory of Ceuta is becoming a hotspot for sports betting brands looking to provide their services to markets all around the world.” 

Besides Ceuta, Brazil, Ontario, and the United States – emerging markets where regulations are changing and opportunities are emerging for betting and gaming companies – have also been in the spotlight.

SBC Summit Barcelona also hosted the “Financial institutions and gambling: a turning point for gambling’s high-risk assessment?” panel, where the panelists called for an end to the stigmatization of the narrative that gambling is always high risk.

“A blanket risk rating for the industry shouldn’t happen. Every operator should be restricted accordingly as opposed to saying that the industry is generally high risk.” – said Luke Fisher, Business Development Manager of Capital International Bank.

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