Shai Segev: DAZN’s sports convergence goes beyond betting

The Leaders Track at SBC Summit Barcelona featured a keynote presentation by DAZN Chief Executive Shay Segev, who will lead the industry’s next evolution in the convergence of gambling, sports and media.

Segev, former CEO of FTSE 100-listed Entain Plc, made global headlines at the beginning of the year when he joined DAZN, Sir Leo Blavatnik’s OTT sports media group that was recapitalized with $4.3 billion after the COVID-19.

When he took the stage, Segev declared that DAZN is not a gambling company and that he has no intention of seeing it become another gambling operator.

Segev said: «I accepted this offer from SBC to speak on the convergence of gambling, that is happening. If anybody doubts this, I’m living proof that it is happening right now».

Segev recalled that the merger of Playtech and Entertain and the expansion of the business changed his career for the past 20 years.

Segev, who pioneered the development of Playtech technology, successfully transformed Playtech from the only B2B casino provider to a complete online gambling platform and leading IMS provider, witnessing the first evolution of the online gambling sector. 

Reflecting on how Playtech has disrupted the online gambling value chain, the CEO of DAZN stressed that he recognizes the hidden importance of convergence.

He added: «I have looked back at my career, and I believe that success has come from finding ways to improve customer experiences by removing friction.

DAZN is another example of a company trying to do this. We want to make sports experiences seamless for the consumer.

A year and a half ago, I was approached by DAZN, a media company looking to disrupt sports. I was taken by the opportunity to bring a seamless and transformative experiences to a new generation of audiences».

In 2021, the DAZN OTT platform showed more than 27,000 live sports events, making it the leading sports broadcaster in the Italian, Spanish, German and Japanese markets.

Following the expansion of OTT, DAZN is now present in 250 countries and Segev will lead the next business evolution through multi-convergence of products and services using gamification, sports data and web 3.0 innovation.

Segev concluded that sports betting is only one element of DAZN’s ambition to become the most innovative platform for sports.
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