Wolves are the perfect partner to escalate AstroPay’s worldwide growth

In recent months, AstroPay has been in full swing with its European expansion, forming partnerships with leading UK soccer teams such as Wolves FC.

Lucas Ensinck, Chief Marketing Officer, talks about Astropay’s partnership with a Premier League team, why the team is a good fit for Astropay, and how creative sponsorship activation will help the company internationally. 

According to Lucas, Wolves is one of the top clubs in the English Premier League, the most popular football league in the world. Their ambition, determination and commitment to building a strong community is similar to the philosophy of the AstroPay team.

The partnership opens up exciting opportunities for both parties. For AstroPay, the partnership with Wolves is a sign of growth and will help increase its credibility in Europe and strengthen its current market position.

Astropay has a joint marketing plan with colleagues from Wolves. This includes a range of campaigns to activate all marketing rights in stadiums, social media and digital channels, reaching new consumer segments and engaging with fans as well as existing users. Businesses want to create opportunities at all levels and plan to make the most of this partnership.

Major sporting events such as the Premier League are extremely popular and attract significant worldwide attention, which means sponsorship opportunities are also very high and have a wide audience. This has a significant social, cultural and economic impact that is not only felt on match day.

Sponsorship of Wolves gives AstroPay worldwide visibility and the ability to promote their brand, attracting viewers and fans around the world.

There are already so many opportunities to partner with sporting events and football teams in the UK and as AstroPay grows, this is a good opportunity to forge new partnerships with organizations with the same passion and ambition.

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