Belgium has lowered the deposit limit for bets to 200 euros per week

In Belgium, a regulation has come into force, according to which the weekly deposits of clients of gambling operators cannot exceed 200 euros. This means that the deposit limit for player accounts is now more than half of the previous €500 limit.

The new rules are binding on all players in Belgium, but gambling operators’ customers can revert to the €500 limit if they wish.

To do this, they must contact the gambling company. The operator must report to the local regulator, who in turn requests player data from the Belgian National Bank. If there are no suspicious points in the client’s credit history, the deposit limit will be increased. The entire process described above is expected to take no more than three days.

However, this is not the only option to increase the limit. Belgian customers can, if desired, lower the deposit limit. To do this, they need to contact the iGaming operator.

Belgium’s experience with limiting deposits is not the only one in Europe. Similar measures were taken in Sweden during the pandemic. Most other regulated gambling markets in Europe are also considering similar restrictive measures to combat problem gambling, albeit to varying degrees.

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