Entain and McLaren Racing launch «Drive for Diversity» program

Entain Plc announced the launch of the «Drive for Diversity» program. It aims to support successful women in technology-related fields.

The «Drive for Diversity» program was added to the corporate social responsibility program, which was announced at the Entain Sustain conference last week.

The McLaren Racing team participates in the program as part of a  «mutual commitment to drive greater diversity and inclusion in STEM science, tech, engineering and mathematics) fields across academia and business.»

The program will be officially unveiled to the public at a special event hosted by McLaren at its world-leading Auto Sports Technology Center in Woking.

Initially, the «Drive for Diversity» program will support the retraining and upskilling of women entering the technology industry for the first time, an important societal goal identified by several non-governmental and nonprofit DEI organizations.

In addition, Entain and McLaren will host 10 interns for six months at both companies’ technology centers to provide them with room for growth.

Representatives of Entain said: «The initiative builds on the Group’s broader Entain programme, which is designed to increase access to education and training in technology and improve diversity with Entain.

Entain has set the objective to positively impact the lives of over 1,000,000 people around the world, either directly or through their families and dependents, by 2030.»

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