Sports betting will be available again in Albania

Albania will reintroduce legal sports betting, which was outlawed along with casinos and online gambling, in four years, on January 1, 2023.

The corresponding decision was made by the country’s authorities in the face of a budget deficit. The government expects that the legalization of sports betting will bring about 17 million euros in tax revenue annually.

Gambling has been banned in Albania since December 31, 2018. About 4,300 bookmakers were closed across the country. Online gambling was also banned. The exception is some licensed casinos.

Prime Minister Edi Rama commented on the decision, saying that extreme conditions will be introduced and all proceeds will go to sports, culture and youth.

The introduction of the ban has led to an increase in the number of illegal bookmakers and gambling halls.

In August 2022, a group of sports federations and the Albanian Olympic Committee proposed to the government to reintroduce sports betting.
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