ACMA blocks 96 illegal offshore gambling sites

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has published a report on interactive gambling for the period July-September 2022. The focus is on affiliate services that promote and direct traffic to illegal online casinos. These sites often act as independent reviewers of gambling services. They provide direct links to illegal gambling services and regularly receive commissions for clicks.

ACMA researched 20 affiliated services. These services have been found to violate the IGA (Interactive Gambling Act) prohibition against advertising illegal gambling services and facilitate the provision of illegal gambling services.

The AMCA continues to block websites for services that violate the IGA. Many of them operate in the style of a casino. A number of sites also offered betting services without an Australian license.

In Australia, it is a crime to offer or advertise such services to clients. A total of 96 sites were blocked, including sites linking to illegal gambling and affiliate advertising services, as well as alternative sites.
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