Game Review: Space Taxi crash game with a unique Bonus round

At first glance, Space Taxi is a typical crash game where a rocket flies into space and you need to cashout before it collapses. However, the uniqueness of the product from Lambda Gaming is that at the time of the bonus round, instead of exploding, the rocket may start to land. Increasing the drive along with benefits.

Why do we choose crash games? 

What makes crash games so enticing is their quick and simple mechanics and techniques. Thus, most often players begin their gambling journey exactly with crash games. 

Crash games attract players due to the high level of adrenaline and emotions. In Space Taxi when you launch a rocket, the coefficients are constantly increasing, but the moment of explosion can happen at any moment, which builds tension and anticipation for players.

Gameplay elements such as risk management and perceived control over the results allow players to be more strategic and offer a new experience. In addition, real-time making decisions make games much more exciting.

A lot of these games are also providing multiplayer experiences, leaderboards which build community and competition among the users which again increases interest and activity.

Features of Space Taxi

Space Taxi is a new generation crash game exclusively from Lambda Gaming, that includes Bonus Round. 

In general, the principle of the game is the same as most crash games. You place a bet and watch as the rocket is prepared for launch. The coefficient starts to increase from 1.00 upon the time of the start of the flight and it is increased before the rocket explodes. It is determined by the generation of random numbers. 

The game is considered won if you cashout before the rocket explodes. At this time, winning is accounted for by the multiplication of the bet and the coefficient of flight.

The game also has features such as automatic bet, automatic cashout, bonus round. 

The Space Taxi bonus round is an interesting and new feature. At the time of the bonus round, the rocket begins to disintegrate instead of exploding. The capsule placed in its upper part is descended on the planet and at this time one of the bonus coefficients of the planet will be randomly displayed on the screen: 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X.

In other crash games, users tend to quickly cashout their winnings, while in Space Taxi they stay longer and wait for a coefficient increase and for a potential bonus. 

Compared to other crash games, the coefficients for when Space Taxi explodes or reaches its destination are more user-tailored. The spread between large and small odds is smaller, which gives the user the opportunity to have fun and play longer. 

As the majority of crash games, Space Taxi has a multiplayer experience, thus all users have a rocket with the same results. On the other hand on the market exists games in which random events and results are individually fitted to each user. 

Thereby, Space Taxi provides quite an interesting and new user experience for all crash game fans. Players enthusiastically watch how multipliers are growing and holding off from exiting the game. However, the true test is to know when it’s time to pull out.

Because of this feature, many compare crash games to investing in the stock markets or bitcoin. But still, the main thing is to know exactly when to stop.

If you want to feel the real excitement of the game, feel free to play the demo version of Space Taxi and get the real feelings hands-on.

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