UKGC Gambling Commission Notifies Operators of Gambling Guidance Advice

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has notified licensed operators and stakeholders to provide feedback on their advice regarding their recently released remote customer service guide.

The committee began consultations on November 22 to seek feedback on new client interactions. Most of them came into force in September 2022.

New customer interactions, first announced in April 2022, are governed by the UK Social Responsibility Gambling Code (SR Code).

UK operators have pledged to take 14 new measures to identify customers at risk of harm and take immediate action to reduce the number of customers at risk.

Remote operators are required to track and record certain indicators of gambling harm to individual players.

Further action will require operators to mark indicators and take action in a timely manner as well as prevent the use of marketing and new bonuses for customers at risk.

The European Commission expects all SR Code measures to be implemented by February 12, 2023, giving licensed operators more time to make technical changes and adjust customer service.

Recognizing the need to amend the SR Code, the UKGC has provided guidance by 23 January 2023.

«On this occasion, there is a specific opportunity to use the consultation exercise to explore recent experiences of stakeholders in the implementation of a set of new requirements and we hope that there will be examples of good practice to share during the consultation period,» read the Consultation’s statement.
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