Anna Vikmane, BETER: It’s a Pleasure to Start Putting All Your Energy Into What You Launched

Anna Vikmane, Live-games Director at BETER, spoke about the launch of a new game Gravity Blackjack. This game was announced at the SBC Summit in Barcelona earlier this year.

Anna emphasized that the goal of the game is to attract the attention of a «new generation» of players who are looking for something different than a regular blackjack.

«This game allows us to be appealing not just for casino players who know blackjack as a core game, but also for the new generation», — notes Ms. Vikmane, — «Players who are looking for something new, something with multipliers, something that brings more excitement and pops out. I’m really excited for the launch of the game».

BETER’s live-gaming Director believes they have found the key to staying ahead of the competition despite the emergence of numerous blackjack games offering various high value multipliers.

«We found a twist. Usually these multipliers are on standard bet. This time, we are putting the multipliers on the side bets, which will be really interesting for our operators because side bets have a higher margin than standard initial bets.

With his game, we are engaging players to try to place the side bets as we are putting the multipliers, so that there are exciting moments. We are already seeing results with this new type of game. Compared to the standard blackjack, players are already placing more side bets», — sums up Ms. Vikmane.

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