Ukrainian Gambling Regulator on the Cooperation of the State and the Business: Why is Joint Work So Important?

On December 8, the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL) of Ukraine published a post on its Facebook page that talks about how the joint work of the state and the gambling business benefits the Ukrainian state, precisely in the aspect of its fight to defend its territory.

The essence of the CRAIL’s message was in fostering the amicable relationships between the state and the gambling businesses that treat the payment of the licensing fees in a responsible manner and in return may expect certain easing in the state’s regulation of the industry.

To illustrate how the amounts of the licensing fees paid by the gambling businesses may help the Ukrainian state to defend itself from the invasion of the neighbouring terrorists-state, CRAIL offered the following comparison:

  • Land-based Casino License — from UAH 39 million to UAH 78 million, equal to 806 drones DJI Mavic 3 with a thermal imager;
  • Online Casino License — UAH 25.35 million, equal to 617 class 6 bulletproof vests;
  • Sports Betting License — UAH 117 million, equal to 825 thermal imagers;
  • Slot Machine Halls License — UAH 9.75 million, equal to 3250 sleeping bags;
  • Online Poker License — UAH 6.5 million, equal to 1857 aid kit type 1;
  • Gaming table and/or gaming table with a roulette License — from UAH 0.585 million to UAH 1.1375 million, equal to 505 pairs of winter shoes;
  • Betting Shop License — UAH 0.195 million, equal to 130 pairs of tactical goggles;
  • Slot Machine License — UAH 0.117 million per machine, equal to 73 pairs of tactical gloves;
  • B2B Services License — UAH 1.95 million, equal to 13,513 large volume military backpacks.

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