Genius Sports and SoftConstruct Settle Year-Old Licensing Dispute

SoftConstruct and Genius Sports have reached a legal agreement following a dispute over sports data ownership.

As a result of the court settlement, SoftConstruct acknowledged Genius’ ownership of the said database and also signed a multi-year agreement with the company. This will allow the London-based sports technology and data company to provide data for the BetConstruct and FeedConstruct channels.

Armand Pinarbasi, SoftConstruct CEO, remarked: «This deal enables us to service our customers with the best data. We can now look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship in the years to come.»

This agreement became the second for Genius in recent months, after settling a long-standing dispute with Sports Radar over data from the Premier League, the EFL and the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

In 2020, Sportradar successfully challenged the agreement between Football DataCo (FDC) and the Genius Sports division of BetGenius for exclusive rights to provide data on 4,000 syndicated FDC matches.

When resolving the dispute, Sportradar agreed not to use unofficial instadia intellectual property data, FDC retained the right to license and sell its data, and Genius retained the right to provide such data.

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