Ukrainian Regulator Directed Over 1Bn UAH to the State Budget in 2022

The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries in Ukraine (CRGL) directed UAH 1.166 billion (more than USD 27 million) to the state budget. This represents 98% of the pre-war plan.

According to the head of CRGL, Ivan Rudy, the Commission continues to introduce measures aimed at ensuring the timely payment of license fees by gambling operators, which in turn brings “net income” to the state from the gambling industry.

“The business does not give up. It becomes resilient — it adapts to work in the conditions of permanent power outages, takes measures to relocate gambling establishments, makes a significant contribution to the victory of Ukraine, and continues its work. The Commission promotes the adaptation of gambling operators to the current conditions and the improvement of the investment climate in the country in order to strengthen the economic front of Ukraine,” noted Ivan Rudy.

The commission is grateful to the gambling operators for each paid license.

“Together we are bringing our Victory closer!” — says the website of the Ukrainian regulator.

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