Sportal Media Group launches Fans United, a technology platform for fan engagement and content personalization

On January 9, the leading Bulgarian sports publishing house, in partnership with Carlsberg, will launch a new service for its client base under the House of Fans brand.

The service is powered by Fans United Media, an advanced API-based technology that allows sports publishers and bookmakers to actively engage with their audience through free games and content personalization. Fans United technology is integrated with real-time sports data, betting odds and the world’s leading sports content management system, Sportal365.

The platform offers classic popular prediction games. It is also possible to create an unlimited number of custom games based on certain criteria. The entire fan experience is gamified, with users earning points, badges and cash prizes according to the user level system.

Stilian Shishkov, founder and CEO of Sportal Media Group, said: «Being able to deliver superior and engaging content at real-time speed has always been at the heart of our success as a sports media. Our readers’ loyalty is unrivaled with 60% of users visiting our portal over 100+ times a month (50% of which over 200+ times a month). By deploying Fans United we want to go a step further in terms of understanding our customers, their main drivers and preferences, and being able to customize their users’ experience. Furthermore, we are working with a vast number of gaming companies as advertisers. We believe that through introducing gamification we will strengthen our ad value proposition and conversion rates even more.»

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