Evoplay CEO on ICE London 2023

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, industry interest quickly shifted to the upcoming ICE show in London, as the event returns to its traditional February dates.

In this article, Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, details the importance of standing out at «huge and very important events», tracking industry-wide trends and identifying gaps in the market, and how to make a proper debut at a game studio event.

How do you prepare for such an important event as ICE?

Ivan Kravchuk: In preparation for such important exhibitions as ICE, we have improved our product range and developed a new, more business-like booth design. Stand N6-150 invites partners to discuss plans for 2023 and invites everyone who is interested in Evoplay.

To maximize our presence, we organize interesting events and prepare marketing materials for distribution to attendees. We will also map conferences and brainstorm to ensure that the team is working as efficiently as possible.

What are your main responsibilities and priorities at ICE?

IK: As CEO, my responsibilities include attending meetings with existing partners and communicating with representatives of potential partners. On the other hand, I also have plenty of time to set goals for the future, conduct interviews, and generally be productive.

This is a huge and very important event where many companies from all over the world present their best games. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to stand out, and this is an important priority for me and the company.

What can visitors expect from you in terms of showcasing products at ICE?

IK: This year our booth at ICE will focus on showcasing the best that EvoPlay has to offer. We will be highlighting great games from our partners, affiliates and sports betting sites that have achieved great results and received positive reviews. 

Goblin Run is an amazing game that immediately comes to mind, addictive endless mechanics, complete with world-class 3D visuals. In addition, I am pleased to report that our football kit, which was offered to partners as part of our FIFA World Cup promotion, was a huge success.

Quests, tournament improvements, jackpots, partner play opportunities and custom games are just some of the exciting plans for ICE. So stay tuned for the latest Evoplay innovations.

What do you think attendees can expect from this event in terms of games?

IK: We’re always interested in what other game providers have to offer, and ICE is a good opportunity for companies to get to know each other better. It is very important to know what the industry is doing in order to know more about the trends and play on them. It also allows you to identify a potential gap in the market and create solutions that meet the ever-changing preferences of players.

What are your fondest memories of ICE?

IK: It’s a simple question: at the 2018 event, we unveiled our first Necromancer game. At that time, our team consisted of only two people, and giants like Novomatic had their stand next to ours. Their stand actually overshadowed ours in the literal and figurative senses.

We showcased an exciting 3D VR game at an event and the response was great. The next day, many people visited our modest booth to learn more about this interesting company. We realized that no matter how big the stand, people and products speak about the company.

What do you do immediately after the event?

IK: Now follow-ups are an important part of any business, and we want to analyze our work. It can be anything: searching for potential partners, debriefing together with the team, analyzing the event and analyzing areas for improvement. Plus, celebrating with a hardworking and talented team is something to do right after ICE. This is a good opportunity to take stock, get to know everyone and reflect on the past event.
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