Podcast review: OpenBet’s CTO On Why Betting Companies Want to be the Entertainment Ones

“Big names such as Flutter and Entain want to be seen as a sports entertainment company and not a betting organization,” said Florian Diederichsen, Chief Technical Officer of OpenBet

Diederichsen has been in the sports content industry for more than 30 years, in 2022 he joined OpenBet, which is a premium sports software provider for the last 25 years. 

In the podcast for SBC, he outlined the ways in which entertainment is rapidly becoming the focal point of the user experience, and how to increase the demand for immersive content.

“Betting companies now want to be entertainment companies. That is where I see the industry heading in the next few years. 

“The digital space has created wants and needs which are very different from going into a high street betting shop and filling out a betting slip. It is more about overarching, 360-degree fan engagement, which also includes betting. We as the provider of betting technology and content must cater to that,” he pointed out. 

Diederichsen also highlighted the importance of the rising demand for more personalized products. 

“I think the next step for the industry is personalized odds – working out what people want to gamble on and then tailoring those markets to bettors. We have already started that to a degree.”

He added that, for example, BetBuilder by SportCast allows to essentially assemble player’s own personal bets around the upcoming game day.

“I think this desire for personalized odds is going to go further, so we need to be able to cater to that.”

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