Betsson Takes a New Step Into Padel Tennis with Cayetano Rocafort

Betsson has announced that Swedish padel player Cayetano Rocafort has become its new ambassador and partner.

Rocafort, who was born in Spain and now lives in Stockholm, has been at the top of his country’s list since 2021.

He started playing padel at the age of eight and at the age of 14 became number one among the Spanish juniors. In 2019, he moved to Stockholm where he had great success on the Swedish Padel Tour (SPT), winning three sub-events last year.

Rocafort said: «Padel has been around for much longer in Spain, but Sweden is stepping in. In addition to the great interest here in Sweden, we are now seeing more and more players who invest wholeheartedly and we are starting to compete seriously.»

After the national Betsson Padel Tour in collaboration with Studio Padel, Sundsvall Showdowm and others, Swedettan is Betsson’s latest sports venture.

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