Podcast Review: Bede Gaming CSO On How Lotteries Adapted to the Online

Bede Gaming is an open tech platform for both lottery and gaming companies operating across four continents — North America, Africa, Europe, and South America.

The company’s Chief Strategy Officer Alistair Boston-Smith in the SBC podcast reflected on different crucial industrial topics starting with the differences between lottery and gaming. 

“Lotteries are different because, in many cases, their ownership structure is linked to the government, so they have a different group of stakeholders, and their role and their focuses are quite different.

“There is a lot of alignment and synergy between the land-based casino space and lotteries. For their core business, a large proportion of customers are coming through retail journeys, they’re buying tickets, gaming, and obviously they are placing sports bets or playing machines in casinos.

“For many, that is still a distance from the digital experience. They may do lots of things digitally, but they don’t necessarily do these things. The lottery space has moved on enormously, like the gaming space has, more so in certain geographies than others.”

Boston-Smith also highlighted that like many businesses, lotteries had to adapt during the pandemic to the drastic change in conditions, and this has left an enduring legacy. 

“We’ve seen that retail has bounced back very strongly in a number of core markets. I think the reality is that all of us changed our habits entirely. Everyday, we’re doing things using digital or mobile, whilst even a few years ago we would be doing a greater proportion of these things in a retail context.

“And lotteries are having to adapt. COVID has shone a very strong light on this. It ensured that a significant amount of focus was put into digital capabilities, digital teams, digital expertise, choosing the right partners, etc.”

Bede is primarily focused on providing services to lottery and iGaming companies. Therefore, the firm offers operators a platform that gives them “a lot of control and an enormous amount of flexibility” in working with its products and platform, as well as with players. 

“Ultimately, operators’ core strength, both lottery and gaming, is in managing and understanding their customer, managing the responsibility of that customer engagement.” 

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