Premier League Inching Closer to Ban Front-of-Shirt Betting Sponsorships

According to a report from The Times, Premier League clubs are set to agree upon a ruling that would ban gambling companies from front-of-shirt sponsorships on team shirts in the near future. 

However, the sleeve sponsorship ban is less likely to be included in the plans of Premier League clubs.  

It is expected that the clubs will support the move to avoid government legislation banning gambling advertising completely. 

A final vote on the ban may be put off until the Premier League’s summer meeting in June but it is thought that enough clubs will back the plan if a three-year transition period is included, something that is likely to be accepted by the government. 

Eight of the 20 Premier League clubs have gambling shirt sponsors but some teams like Newcastle FC and Fulham FC will see their deals with their respective gambling sponsors expire at the end of this season.

According to the Times, one unnamed Premier League club revealed that by agreeing to drop their front-of-shirt sponsorship deal, they would be potentially missing out on as much as £10 million in revenue per season.

While this is deemed a major issue among Premier League clubs, it is widely believed that EFL outfits will not have to abide by the same plans due to the economic impact it would have. 

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