STATSCORE Sports Widgets are Now Available in Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian has become one of the 28 languages ​​in which the STATSCORE flagship widget is available to its users.

Covering sports events in the right language is one of the most important elements for STATSCORE partners who strive to provide the best experience for their users. The company said it is doing its best to offer more language versions of its sports widgets.

With a thriving sports culture and a large number of passionate sports fans, the addition of the Bulgarian language to the STATSCORE service is expected to benefit Bulgarian-speaking sports businesses, bookmakers, media and sports fans.

With the addition of the Bulgarian language, all STATSCORE widgets, including LivematchPro and PrematchPro, are now available in 28 languages!


STATSCORE is a Polish sports data company headquartered in Katowice, Poland. STATSCORE provides real-time sports statistics, data and match information to sports organizations, leagues, media, broadcasters and betting operators.

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