Atlas IAC Gets a New Leader: Maxim Slobodyanyuk To Take Over The CEO Role

Maxim Slobodyanyuk has been named the new CEO of Atlas-IAC, replacing Sergei Efimenko, who previously held this senior position at the European gaming software developer.

Maksym Slobodyanyuk, assuming the position of CEO, will focus on coordinating and driving the strategic focus of Kyiv-based Atlas-IAC, which specializes in providing betting and gambling solutions for EU market operators.

The new CEO will have to ensure the continuity of business operations and protect the interests of all parties, including shareholders, employees and clients of the company.

The centerpiece of the company’s solution is its unique proprietary platform, which includes a betting company, a casino, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, risk management modules, fraud protection mechanisms, a bonus system and a retail software package.

Slobodyanyuk commented on his appointment: «It is our core mission to deliver the advanced and innovative tech solutions that make gambling-management simple, clear, profitable and enjoyable for both customers and operators. 

«With the help of experience and expertise from world-leading industry professionals working in Atlas-IAC, we are thrilled and positive on how new technologies may change gambling industry for the better.»

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