GR8 Tech CEO Evgeniy Belousov Named Outstanding Business Leader 2023

Evgeny Belousov, CEO of GR8 Tech, was named one of the “Top 10 Business Leaders to Watch in 2023” by International Business Times. This recognition from a prestigious global news outlet highlights his important role in shaping the iGaming industry’s future.

Under the leadership of Evgeny Belousov, whose deep understanding of technological innovations and business strategies plays a critical role, GR8 Tech is rapidly expanding its presence in the global iGaming industry. Belousov’s strategic vision is for digital transformation and revenue generation, driving company growth and revolutionizing the industry.

In Belousov’s words: “At GR8 Tech, our mission is simple — we strive to provide tools that help online gaming companies improve, adapt to market changes and ensure long-term success. Our solutions are developed taking into account the dynamics and the growth trajectories of the industry.”

Last month, GR8 Tech introduced two new solutions: iGaming Launch and iGaming Upgrade. Tailor-made to meet the specific needs of operators, these products change the one-stop approach often seen in the B2B sector. The iGaming Launch solution is a comprehensive offering for those looking to start new iGaming operations or expand into new markets. iGaming Upgrade, on the other hand, is for experienced gamers who want custom solutions that can be integrated into their existing ecosystem, allowing them to focus on strategic growth.

Eugene also hinted at upcoming new products from GR8 Tech. He said: “We plan to release several separate products in the near future. Unlike strategic solutions that offer high-level technologies and services, these products will focus on the specific needs of operators at the operational level. They will be tactical solutions to quickly and easily improve existing ecosystems.”

Under Belousov’s leadership, GR8 Tech looks to the future with optimism, relying on its ability to innovate and maintain a positive attitude.
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