SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Introduces New Tournament Feature: Play Real Money Only

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator has introduced a new feature in tournament settings that allows operators to determine results based solely on bets and winnings made with real money called “Real Money Only”.

The company’s new tool eliminates bonuses from tournament results, focusing on players who bring real money to the casino and creating an incentive for active real money betting.

The head of the SOFTSWISS game aggregator, Tatyana Kaminskaya, emphasized that the introduction of the “Only for real money” setting increases the profitability of the game, increases the efficiency of tournaments and contributes to their quick payback.

By reallocating costs based on real profits rather than bonus spins, casinos can ensure that their investment in players will generate significant returns.

SOFTSWISS predicts that this adjustment will lead to a significant increase in deposits and, accordingly, a real increase in revenues for operators. This will improve revenue streams and player retention without compromising the fun experience for tournament enthusiasts.

To simplify the “Real Money Only” setup, the company is asking operators to set up configurations and work with game aggregator SOFTSWISS to determine qualifying wagering criteria. With this information, the development team will be able to separate bonus-based winnings and store them separately from the leaderboard.

SOFTSWISS posted excellent results from its Game Aggregator solution for the first quarter of 2023, highlighting strong growth with the addition of over 70 game brands. There is a significant increase in the number of game providers and studios by 10% compared to the previous year. These results reflect the company’s “stellar” achievement.

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