TAG Media supports Spiffbet in expanding into major European markets

Spiffbet AB has partnered with affiliate marketing company TAG Media to increase the visibility of the international betting and gaming group in Europe.

Specific markets targeted by this affiliate marketing partnership include the UK, Sweden, Spain, and Finland, with a focus on the Spiffbet Supernopea, Metal Casino, and TurboVegas brands.

In order to achieve Spiffbet’s goals of increasing visibility and user acquisition in these markets, TAG will partner with the Swedish company to coordinate “unique campaigns” that will be specific to gaming in Europe.

Henrik Svensson, CEO of Spiffbet, expressed his joy at the start of the partnership with TAG Media, saying: “We are very excited to start this partnership with TAG Media. We immediately felt that there was a very good match between our brands and the affiliate marketing services provided by TAG Media.”

“This is an important step in our new approach to growth in key markets. With its strong international reach, TAG Media also has the ability to open up new markets.”

TAG currently has 12 other operator clients to whom they provide partner business development services. Spiffbet became the company’s sixth fully managed client. Based in Kent but operating entirely remotely, this agency will support each brand in a specific market.

Metal Casino, Spiffbet’s heavy metal gaming brand, will launch its multi-market campaign through a content partnership with artist representation agency Metal Department.

Along with this, the Supernopea brand will focus on Finland as the “fastest online casino” in the country, making it ideal for partnerships, while TurboVegas is aimed at Scandinavian players.

Spiffbet’s past efforts to strengthen the position of these brands in their respective markets have included a partnership with Metric Gaming. In 2021, Metric Gaming developed and launched a sports betting platform for two operators, helping to strengthen the brand’s position in the market.

Elaine Gardiner-Ruddock, Managing Director of Customer Services at TAG Media, shared her comment by saying, “We are excited to bring these unique brands to our affiliate partners. They are a perfect fit for our target markets and combine an outstanding, innovative localized product with an attractive brand positioning.”

“We look forward to working with the Spiffbet team to achieve significant growth through their respective affiliate programs.”
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