Anna Gugutishvili: New Direction Of Flutter Entertainment Design Team In Georgia And Armenia

Anna Gugutishvili is getting ready to lead the design team at Flutter Entertainment in Georgia and Armenia. She was the company’s art director and the head of the graphic design department. Anna is repsonsible of overseeing and developing the visual style of the company’s brands to enter the worldwide market. In an interview with Marketer, Gugutishvili discussed how Flutter Entertainment’s visual style will alter and what goals the head of design has for the Georgian and Armenian markets.

Anna, how has your role in the organization altered as a result of your new position?

As the head of the design team and art director until now, my primary responsibility has been to manage the team and oversee the creative and technical process of developing visual effects. However, the responsibilities have now been broadened to embrace a broader range of global perspectives and experiences.

My primary responsibility is to ensure that design ideas and techniques are aligned with the company’s international values.

My new job will focus on increasing design quality and ensuring consistent visual brand development for both Georgian and Armenian, both of which are owned by Flutter Entertainment. As a result of the changes, there will be a greater emphasis on developing design guidelines and standards, as well as leading design teams’ creative processes, allowing us to adjust designs to the specific demands of local audiences in Georgia and Armenia.

What is the distinction between working for domestic vs global markets? Is there a specific approach to each one?

While working on both local and worldwide markets, I follow one essential rule: the emphasis should always be on a special, one-of-a-kind design. The core principles of design, attention to detail, and customer focus remain the same regardless of the target audience or cultural context.

Local markets require a more in-depth insight into a country’s cultural characteristics and consumer behavior. Global markets, on the other hand, necessitate a larger vision and agility in order to readily attract a diverse audience. My experience in international companies will aid in the effective integration of global approaches into our regional projects.

What skills do you believe are required to work in markets of such size?

I think cross-cultural communication is critical, as is understanding market trends and customer interests. Also, take into account effective teamwork and the opportunity to operate remotely. Furthermore, a strong design experience, the ability to think creatively and a commitment to learn and grow on a consistent basis can help you stand out in any market.

How would you evaluate the current state of the markets in your area of competency? What visual improvements do brand products require?

In Georgia, there is an increasing demand for creative and visually appealing products. The market is evolving quickly, and consumers are increasingly seeking modern design. We must constantly educate ourselves on current design trends in order to capture the attention and interest of the Georgian audience.

Similarly, Armenia has a vibrant and dynamic market in which the products must stand out visually. The mixture of classic and modern components is particularly intriguing. Visual design should be approached with cultural sensitivity, taking into account both local aesthetics and contemporary design solutions.

In both markets, the product’s visual development must complement the brand identity, successfully represent its values, and send relevant messages to the target audience.

What are your goals for the new position: what strategy do you have in mind, and how do you intend to improve the visual style of Flutter brands?

Currently, it is critical that my vision aligns with the company’s overall goal, as well as my ability to correctly integrate the expertise and knowledge I have gained. I’ve worked with international companies on numerous occasions throughout my career, and this experience has provided me with significant skills for effectively adapting design to multiple cultural contexts. Most importantly, I am extremely fortunate to manage a team of excellent designers. Their knowledge, creativity, teamwork, and novel perspectives are highly valued and vital to the team’s success.

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