Totalizator Sportowy Implements IGT Front Cloud Systems for Lottery Operations in Poland

IGT provider has completed an upgrade of the iLottery platform for the Polish lottery operator Totalizator Sportowy, moving all its components to the cloud.

For the first time in its history, IGT is a fully cloud-based iLottery client platform, representing the Totalizator Sportowy of the first lottery in Europe to have a complete iLottery system in the cloud.

IGT Command is a cloud-based player account management system that has been successfully implemented for iLottery Totalizator Sportowy.

This innovative system allows Totalizator Sportowy to track all aspects of player participation, predict new technical and consumer trends, and provides many other features to better manage lottery operations.

IGT has implemented its remote game server in the cloud, allowing Totalizator Sportowy to provide a constant stream of content to its players.

Olgierd Cieślik, CEO of Totalizator Sportowy, noted: “Totalizator Sportowy has partnered with IGT to improve our lottery technology and systems and provide our players with responsible and engaging lottery solutions.

“Deploying our iLottery platform in the cloud offers us scalability and helps us reduce time to market for system enhancements. Totalizator Sportowy is always eager to introduce innovation and in this case, we are the first lottery in Europe to have an end-to-end cloud-based iLottery technology.”

Srini Nedunuri, IGT Senior VP, iLottery, commented: “We recognise the many benefits of cloud technology and know that it facilitates easier integration of data and insights, faster upgradeability and scalability and improves overall efficiency. These benefits will ultimately deliver a more dynamic experience for Poland’s iLottery players.”

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