New CEO and Fresh Look: Aurum Solutions Prepares for the Future

Aurum Solutions reaffirms its commitment to “continuous innovation” with the appointment of Tiago Veiga as their new CEO.

To reflect its “ambitious growth plans for the second half of 2023 and 2024,” the company is embarking on a review of its existing brand identity.

An important part of this “ambitious growth strategy” developed by Veiga is the new corporate identity, which includes an updated logo, visuals that reflect the spirit of the company, as well as a new slogan that represents the “forward-looking” vision for Aurum.

Vasco Vaz Rodrigues, Chief Marketing Officer at Aurum Solutions, noted: “What started out as a simple branding exercise has transformed into the start of a new era for Aurum Solutions. Once we started the process, it quickly transpired how Aurum was presented to the outside world no longer reflected who we are as a business. 

“For us, it has been so much more than changing colours here and adding a new logo there – we have completely stripped back, evaluated every element of our business, and planned for the future.”

Aurum Solutions undertook a nine-month consultation process with Unset Studio and Yambo Studio to create a new corporate identity that embodies “Aurum’s core values ​​of transparency, honesty, partnership and ownership.”

Following a successful rebranding planned for 2023, Aurum aims to introduce a range of new products and solutions that further enhance data management processes.

Rodriguez added: “We are a very different team to the one which founded the company nearly 20 years ago. We want to both celebrate those in our team who have incredible and rich experience, whilst also recognising and championing our fantastic young talent. 

“For us, ensuring everyone feels represented by our vision, branding and aspirations is of the utmost importance. In order to give our customers the best and most innovative solutions, we need to ensure our team is happy and working to our optimum levels. 

“In the process of evolving the business, we feel our team has stronger and better unity than ever before.”

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