Stretch Network: Poker with New Horizons — Meet Social Gaming Features

Stretch Network, an online poker platform, has taken on a mission to create a more connected experience for its players by introducing three innovative features.

As part of this commitment, three new features will be rolled out to the operator partner network, which include automatic leaderboards, interactive emoticons and a banner management system. Over time, these features will allow players to communicate more actively, compete, express emotions through emojis, and receive personalised notifications, making the experience of playing on the Stretch Network even more immersive and interactive.

Stretch Network made it clear that these new features were designed to improve the overall gaming experience and immerse poker enthusiasts in a world of intense competition, creative campaigns and expressive interaction.

The platform is convinced that the introduction of emojis will add an extra dimension of social interaction between players during every poker game.

Stretch Network aims to encourage competitiveness and active participation by automating player rankings. The platform announced that the multi-faceted changes will also help retain players and increase the promotional appeal of the games.

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