Personalization: The Biggest Trend In The iGaming World — How GR8 Tech Are Responding To The Challenge

Personalization has recently become a buzzword in the iGaming industry. Players want a more personalised experience, and operators are making efforts to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to their products.

GR8 Tech jumps to the rescue when it comes to the challenging task of delivering a personalised experience. Denis Parkhomenko, Chief Product Officer at GR8 Tech, emphasises that integrating personalization into platform creation plays a critical role in retaining players on a long-term basis.

He revealed how GR8 Tech, as an iGaming solution provider, actively adapts to the ever-changing needs of gamers and why their platform development methods are so sophisticated.

Personalisation has become an increasingly popular topic within the iGaming industry as of late, particularly when it comes to platform creation. How does GR8 Tech ensure that its platform effectively meets the needs of its clients? What role does close collaboration play in doing this?

DP: The GR8 Tech platform has a sophisticated recommendation engine that works in the background to offer customised content to users according to their likes and interests. This guarantees that every user is provided with relevant and captivating content.

The GR8 Tech platform builds a strong bond of loyalty with players by offering personalised experiences, which can create a deeper connection between them and the iGaming platform. This can lead to long-lasting relationships and higher customer lifetime value, making the platform an even more valuable asset for operators.

Do you find that every operator has unique demands, or are there common requests from clients?

DP: Some are common, some are quite unique – however, within our personalisation framework, we’re well-prepared to fulfil both the standard needs of operators and individual, custom requests.

Our architecture includes adaptable model settings that can be fine-tuned to meet a variety of distinct business scenarios. This adaptability allows us to cater to different business requirements effectively and create tailored solutions that meet operators’ specific needs.

Given the growing demand for personalisation, how do you keep up with changing technological demands and evolving trends within the iGaming industry?

DP: Our recommendation engine architecture is highly flexible, making it easy for us to enhance it with new, relevant models according to changing technological demands. Moreover, this remarkable flexibility facilitates the execution of numerous A/B tests – a process vital for continually enhancing the system’s performance.

As we all know, the iGaming industry is becoming increasingly competitive. But from an operator standpoint, how can a personalised platform from GR8 Tech ensure that they stand out from the crowd?

DP: Without automated processes and personalised features driven by ML models, operators would have to manually organise games based on their individual preferences. However, this approach might not always yield adequate results for players.

Using our GR8 Tech platform with a built-in Recommender, every instance of game-related activity data is analysed through machine learning models. As a result, personalised recommendations are automatically generated for each player, increasing their engagement and inclination to choose one particular operator over the others.

And how does personalisation of the tech platform ultimately create a better player experience?

DP: Personalised experiences cater to individual preferences, making players feel more engaged with the platform. Customised recommendations, content and offers can make players more likely to stay engaged longer.

Recommender shows the particular casino player the games they already played, games similar to what they played, and trending ones. Furthermore, in the case of bettors, Recommender analyses factors such as played/similar teams, preferred sports, team popularity, and current trends. This analysis helps to present the most relevant content to players which, in turn, increases their engagement in the process and creates more memorable experiences.

How does GR8 Tech plan to position itself as the ‘go-to’, long-term partner for betting and gaming companies looking to establish themselves as a leading force within the industry?

DP: As a lifetime partner, we aim at fostering strong, enduring partnerships with iGaming operators. Unlike many competitors who might take a broad-brush approach, we delve deep into creating bespoke offerings for each client. That’s why we limit the number of clients we take on – we want to dedicate our utmost attention to ensuring unparalleled service for each partner.

And while our formal entry into the market was relatively recent, our foundation is built on the vast experience of our team and long-standing relationships with our clients. We don’t just introduce solutions and products; we refine them based on real-world experiences and continuous feedback.

This ensures that our offerings are always at the forefront of the industry. And while we’re on the topic of credentials, it’s hard not to mention our recent nominations for the SBC and SiGMA Awards for our GR8 Sportsbook, further validating our commitment to excellence.

So, when we say about being a lifetime partner for our clients, it’s not a figure of speech – it’s a dedication and a promise, based on our blend of client-centric ethos, technological expertise and industry recognition.

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