PandaScore And STS Enter The Polish Market With New Opportunities In The World Of Sports Data

PandaScore, a decorated eSports betting products provider, has successfully entered the Polish market by signing an agreement with the Tier 1 operator STS to provide a suite of eSports betting products and tools.

Poland is a major eSports market with a very high demand for eSports betting, and STS aims to capitalize on this demand by offering compelling coverage of eSports products, which will be done through PandaScore’s impressive solutions.

An expert team of eSports traders maintain provider-sourced odds models, allowing STS to offer the most competitive odds on the market and gain an edge over the competition. In turn, PandaScore offers highly competitive margins, innovative products such as Betbuilder and Microbetting, and provides its partner operators with access to 24/7 trading support.

Dasha Kyrylyshina, PandaScore Senior Sales Manager, said: «What better way to make our debut in Poland than by partnering with the number one betting brand in the country, STS. Esports in Poland is very popular and the appetite for betting is significant. Using our suite of esports betting products, STS can offer its players an exciting esports betting experience on their favorite games and tournaments.

«We are taking this to the next level with our Betbuilder and Microbetting products, allowing our partners to stay ahead of the curve by providing their players with the next generation esports betting experience.»

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