The Ministry Of Health Of Kazakhstan Has Revealed The Scale Of Gambling Addiction In The Country

According to a report by the press service of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, about 36,000 citizens of Kazakhstan faced problems with gambling addiction.

The spread of gambling addiction among Kazakhstanis is causing growing concern in society.

The meeting, chaired by the Head of the Ministry of Health, Azhar Giniyat, was dedicated to a discussion of readiness of the health care system for new challenges, and further measures to combat gambling addiction.

The meeting was attended by representatives of international and public organizations, medical universities, regional mental health centers and private rehabilitation centers.

According to a number of foreign scientific studies, the prevalence of gambling addiction in the world is estimated at an average of approximately 3% of the adult population of the planet, while about 12.5% ​​gamble regularly.

Interestingly, of the people who have clinical signs of gambling addiction, only 8% admit that they have a gambling problem. Mathematical modeling for Kazakhstan shows that about 36 thousand people face gambling problems.

Mr. Giniyat emphasized that existing clinical protocols, standards of treatment and quality of medical care should apply to private drug treatment centers, and in this regard, it is planned to introduce regulation of their activities.

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