Petr Korpusenko: Meet The New Era Of TVBET

Over the past few years, TVBET has undergone significant changes in terms of expanding its staff, increasing its product range, expanding markets and establishing partnerships, shared CEO Peter Korpusenko. With the introduction of a new brand and updated product strategy, the live dealer gaming provider is set to begin a new chapter.

Speaking ahead of SBC Summit Barcelona, Mr. Korpusenko walks us through the decision to unveil phase one of TVBET’s rebranding before giving us a sneak peek into what we can expect in the second stage. 

He also gives us an update on new product directions for some of TVBET’s casino products, followed by an update on the Bet on Good Foundation’s accomplishments over the past year.

Peter, it’s great to chat with you again! Given that we’re a week away from SBC Summit Barcelona, what can delegates expect to see when they pop by the TVBET stand? Can you give us a sneak peek into some of your plans for the event?

PK: Hello! Glad to talk to you again. Yes, as you already know, we will attend the SBC Summit Barcelona. Our team can be found at stand CG126. As always, we are preparing and looking forward to the event! We are confident that we will be able to fruitfully communicate with our old friends, as well as meet and establish connections with new potential partners. These exhibitions have always been exciting and effective in this regard.

But I would like to draw readers’ attention to the fact that this year we are gradually changing the style of TVBET. And already at the summit in Barcelona, our stand will be in a new wrapper – bright, stylish and noticeable. So don’t lose us in the crowd.

Tell us about the ‘new look’ for the TVBET stand – why has now been the right time to debut this new identity?  How does this tie into TVBET’s strategy as a leading provider?

PK: As you may have already noticed, we presented our company in an updated style at recent exhibitions. Today, I am pleased to inform you that we are launching the first stage of our rebranding, which concerns our “look” at expos, our social networks and promotional materials. Already at the upcoming event in Barcelona, you will be able to get to know the new TVBET style better, and be sure to visit our social networks.

As for the second stage, we will please our clients and partners more because it will affect all available materials on our partner’s disk, as well as our lobby, thumbnails, logos and frames. This stage is under development, and soon, we will notify everyone about when it is due to start. 

If we return to the very essence of these changes, then with this rebranding, we want to emphasise that TVBET is always a bright and ambitious brand. Over the years, we have managed to grow significantly, both in terms of our team, products and solutions as well as our understanding of brand marketing. And so, we finally decided to take such a significant step as rebranding. Our logo today perfectly conveys our essence – mobility, flexibility and versatility.

But our new branding closes a lot of previously open questions – brand positioning in social media, its presentation offline, and its communications within the ecosystem of products and partners. Today, our branding brings TVBET together, which allows the client/friend/partner to feel and recognise TVBET wherever they meet us.

We have worked long and painstakingly on every little detail of our updated brand and are happy to begin implementing it all. All the features of the new style are shown in our latest video, which will tell you everything better than me:

We are becoming brighter, louder and more noticeable! We are confident that our partners will also like these changes.

TVBET recently announced the launch of Fast Keno as well as a new direction for El Casino and Fast Sport. Can you give us an update of how these games have performed so far? 

PK: We are glad to see that our partners are interested in our new products, both the new Fast Keno game and the new El Casino and Fast Sport directions. And we are already successfully integrating new products with our respected partners.

Let me tell you a few words about the El Casino and Fast Sport directions for those who are not yet familiar with them because they differ from the usual TVBET products.

So, El Casino is a classic format of live casino games with dealers, which is well known to gambling players. We offer a bright, familiar casino atmosphere in our games, only in an online format, with bets on various game outcomes. At the moment, we have already launched the Roulette game, which from the very beginning began to show excellent results. More to come!

As for Fast Sport, this is a fascinating format of fast local sports events with a betting line familiar to sports fans. Moreover, matches occur all year round and take from 5 to 45 minutes. That is, there is no seasonality here, and bettors can always bet on their favourite sports. Everything is like in big sports, only faster and easier!

How do you plan to develop each of these titles even further? 

PK: We plan to add new games in the El Casino and Fast Sport directions. So far, we are only at the beginning of our grand journey with these new directions, but I can already see that both partners and players like these formats from our team. 

And then, we will build on the wishes of our partners. We will definitely add new and exciting features and, of course, develop more games. Stay tuned!

It’s been one year since you announced the launch of the Bet on Good Foundation. From your perspective, what have you been most proud of since launching the foundation? 

PK: Actually, we are proud of the launch of a charitable foundation and the fact that there is an opportunity to help people in such a difficult time. We are also glad that our call to unite efforts has found a response in the hearts of iGaming representatives, and we are gradually increasing the momentum of our assistance. During this year, we met many wonderful people who did not remain indifferent to our deeds and helped us in any way they could. 

So far this year, we have launched an excellent initiative – Feed Those Who Need, which is supported by the excellent iGaming company Gamingtec. Together, we have been able to help more than 10,000 internal refugee families who left their war-torn or occupied cities by providing them with large food packages so they can focus on more critical issues, such as finding a new home and work and raising children. 

But shortly, we want to launch another campaign – iGaming Superhero. Once again, we hope that the industry will support us.

Why did you choose to launch the iGaming Superhero campaign? What do you hope to achieve? And what are your plans for the foundation over the next 12 months?

PK: By launching the iGaming Superhero campaign, we want to make each iGaming company a real superhero for certain groups of people who need help. We are creating a vast charitable force that will be able to quickly and effectively respond to various crises and challenges of the time. 

The campaign aims to unite 100+ companies and direct joint support to meet the needs of those who need it most. Today, these are the war-affected residents of Ukraine, and tomorrow, we will provide assistance throughout the world where this help will be required! 

By uniting, we can do truly useful things for this world and become real philanthropists and benefactors. It’s time to wear your superhero costume! 

Moreover, we plan to continue our other campaigns, Feed Those Who Need in particular, and will continue to help people within its framework. 

Well, our most important goal for this year is to scale! Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues, and more and more people are on the verge of poverty, without accommodation and work, without their cities/schools/hospitals/jobs and, worst of all, without their family and friends. We want to give hope and help as many people as possible. 

We look forward to your support! Join Bet on Good. Our doors are always open!

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