Kazakhstan To Tighten Rules for Gambling Access by Raising the Age Limit to 25 Years

Vice Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Erkinbayev said that the number of crimes related to gambling has increased significantly in the country, as reported by inbusiness.kz.

He said: «Beautiful advertising promising quick riches, easy money, and then losing caused a lot of people to drown in loans and debts. Unfortunately, these same circumstances become the cause of suicide in many families. Understanding the severity of the problem associated with the manifestation of gambling addiction among our youth and the spread of negative consequences from gambling, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has intensified efforts to tighten gambling activity in the country.

I would like to dwell on the key norms that we, together with the lawmakers, propose to implement. Criminal liability for unexpected disclosure of the contents of a gambling establishment or illegal organization of activities in the field of gambling on the Internet. Administrative responsibility for admission to participation in gambling under the age of 21, as well as persons limited in participation in gambling. Previously, liability was not provided for legal entities for the above-mentioned offenses. It should be noted that the proposed amendment from the deputies was to increase the age limit from 21 to 25 years, and we, as a government agency, support this proposal,» vice minister continued.

Three bills have been developed, including 62 amendments with regards to gambling, lotteries and lottery activities. These amendments are aimed at tightening penalties for violations of the law, as well as at preventing the negative social and economic consequences associated with gambling addiction.

It is also proposed to introduce restrictions on participation in gambling for individuals with overdue loans or other financial obligations.

Yerzhan Erkinbayev has also mentioned a ban on advertising of bookmakers and sweepstakes on vehicles, in the media, Internet resources, television and radio channels, cinema, video and reference materials, as well as in printed materials. The exception will be specialized commercial and national sports television and radio channels, as well as Internet resources entirely dedicated to the coverage of sporting events.

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