Softswiss Joins the Clean Up the World Initiative in Poland

Supplier Softswiss has teamed up with 130 other teams in the global environmental initiative Clean Up the World. This campaign, based in Poznan, Poland, aims to rejuvenate and clean up the area to create a greener environment.

Katsiaryna Shved, Employer Brand Manager at Softswiss, commented: “We truly understand the power of positive change, recognizing the profound impact that each person’s contribution has on the environment. Together we make real and noticeable changes that we can see, touch and feel.”

In recent months, Softswiss has carried out more than just this charitable initiative. The company also made a $25,000 donation to purchase container homes to support people affected by the disaster in Turkey.

Valentina Bagniya, Softswiss CMO, noted: “A clearly defined mission and a robust values system are vital for sustainable development of any company.

“‘We care’ stands as a fundamental statement among Softswiss’ core values, articulated through explicit principles such as ‘We see people,’ ‘We embrace changes,’ ‘We push for customer success’ and ‘We excel.’

“While cultivating both personal responsibility of our team members and social responsibility within the entire company, we take measurable steps including charitable contributions, active engagement in philanthropic initiatives and participating in eco-friendly activities.”

In 2022, Softswiss also contributed more than €1.7 million ($1.7 million) to various charitable causes, including assistance to victims of natural disasters, conflicts and serious illnesses.

Bagniya added,  “The alignment of our employees around these shared values significantly enhances the quality of our output.”

BetGames and Softswiss recently announced a strategic partnership in iGaming to expand their presence in the industry.
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