Lithuania’s Gambling Revenues Grew To €161m In 9 Months Thanks To The Rise Of Online 

Lithuania’s Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) rose 15.2% Y-o-Y, reaching €161.0m (£140.8m/$172.1m) in the nine months to 30 September. This growth is due to increasing interest in online gambling.

Revenue was significantly higher than the $139.8 million reported in the same period last year. The Lithuanian Gambling Control Authority reported growth in both the online and offline segments. Remote gambling particularly stands out, with gross revenue of €107.0 million, up 24.4% from last year’s €86.0 million. Revenue from land-based gambling also increased by 0.4% to €54.0 million.

Online slots revenue in Lithuania reached an impressive €72 million in nine months, with Category A online slots seeing GGR rise to $69.5 million, an increase of 33.7%. Category B slots also added 18.2%, reaching €2.6 million. Total online slots GGR for the period was €72.1 million. Elsewhere, online sports betting revenues were down 1.1% to €26.1 million, while table gaming gross revenues increased by 63.0%, reaching 8.8 million euros.

In the land-based sector, total category B slot machine gross revenue decreased by 3.0% to €22.9 million, compared to €23.6 million in 2022. Category A slots showed positive developments, with revenue rising by 13.0% to €11.3 million. Retail sports betting revenue decreased by 10.5% to €6.8 million, while gross table gaming revenue decreased by 3.2% to €12.9 million.

Revenue from lotteries in Lithuania increased by 15.5%, reaching 46.3 million euros in nine months. Despite a decline in ticket sales by 7.4% to 73.9 million, total revenue shows a positive trend. Player winnings decreased by 2.9%, amounting to 55.7 million euros. 

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