OKTO Conquers Southern Europe: New Opportunities in Spain, Germany, Greece and Croatia

OKTO now provides real-time cash to digital payments services in Spain, Germany, Greece and Croatia, confirming the expansion of its service to these countries.

The expansion will target merchants and consumers as it aims to support instant payments worldwide.

OKTO.CASH becomes available through an extensive network of more than 40,000 points of sale in Spain, Germany and Croatia, with plans to expand to more than 90,000 points in these regions within a year.

Expanding in Europe, OKTO has also confirmed its partnership with Macao Win to introduce an advanced cash-to-digital payments solution in Italy.

OKTO’s Chief Distribution Officer, Bjoern Katerbau, commented on the growth: “Our mission is to forge seamless connections between countless consumers and numerous online merchants across a multitude of physical locations, offering cutting-edge phygital payment experiences. 

“This expansion is a pivotal stride toward realising this vision. These contracts signify a major milestone in our strategic roadmap, and we encourage you to keep an eye out for upcoming announcements as OKTO.CASH rolls out in numerous new regions in Europe and beyond.” 

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