Sky Expands Premier League Coverage: Plans to Add More Matches

Both Sky and Amazon are considering expanding their portfolio of Premier League broadcast rights from their current allocations and may compete for certain packages.

Sky plans to bid for four of the five available Premier League broadcast rights packages, according to the Daily Mail. These rights will provide over 200 live matches during the season from 2025 to 2029. The company is expected to focus on Saturday night games, two time slots on Sundays, and a package that includes Friday and Monday night games.

Rumors say Sky is aiming to retain exclusive rights to Sunday’s matches, which could lead to a clash with Amazon. The tech giant is expected to bid for the 2pm Sunday timeslot, which includes several matches to coincide with European continental football games in midweek.

According to The Telegraph, Amazon’s interest in bidding for the broadcast rights package is a direct consequence of the Premier League’s decision to extend its next cycle from the traditional three years to now. This decision gives the company greater confidence in its ability to make productive investments in the broadcast area.

The information indicates that this package includes between 42 and 65 matches and is slightly cheaper compared to the other four. It is speculated that, similar to Amazon, DAZN will likely target this bundle of games if it decides to follow through on its interest.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros Discovery-owned TNT Sports remains the favorite to hold onto its package of Saturday lunchtime games.

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