Bulgaria NRA Sees 24,000 Citizens Reactivate for Self-Exclusion

Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA) has confirmed that the country’s self-exclusion scheme has seen more than 24,000 newly registered people since December 2022. 

After being brought to a halt with a series of regulatory changes back in 2020, the system was reactivated again on 12 December 2022 by the NRA to encourage consumers who believe they could or have been influenced by gambling harm to sign up for the self-exclusion scheme. 

The registry itself is not in the public domain, with only a limited number of employees being given access by the General Director of the NRA, which was designated in 2020 as the supreme legislative authority overseeing gambling activity in the country after the abolition of the State Gambling Commission. 

To ensure that they stay in line with local laws, gambling operators can request access to the registry so that they can monitor their customer base and flag down any person who has self-excluded.  

Recent regulatory shifts also saw the NRA implement a new API-based electronic service which gives operators the ability to directly contact the agency in real-time for a quick information exchange. 

The NRA reminded that everyone can sign up for the registry, especially those who feel like they are not in control of their gambling and finding it difficult to finance their pastime hobby.

Player self-exclusions can be done either through a physical NRA office or online by sending a digitally-signed request to the agency’s email. The self-exclusion time must be a minimum of two years for the application to be approved. 

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