Swintt and Uniclub Join Forces to Strengthen Their Position in Eastern Europe

Swintt, which successfully debuted in the country almost a year ago, has announced an increase in its influence in Lithuania after entering into a strategic partnership with Uniclub, a new casino and sports betting platform.

The company, which has existed since 2001 under the management of UAB Unigames, is already known in Eastern Europe for its slot machines and sponsorship of the Lithuanian Basketball League team — Uniclub Casino Juventus. However, the company recently decided to expand its activities into the digital sphere with the launch of the Uniclub.lt platform.

In connection with the upcoming launch of the platform, the agreement with Swintt will become the main one for Uniclub in attracting new players. Uniclub will now be able to expand its offerings to SwinttGames and SwinttPremium, offering a variety of classic and modern slots.

SwinttGames features a blend of modern graphics and sounds with unique themes and exciting bonuses. One of the main new products coming to Uniclub will be the Aloha Spirit XtraLock from Swintt. The game gives players the chance to win significant prizes in the unique Tiki bonus round, which is its main attraction.

SwinttPremium will add variety to Uniclub players’ experience with classic games featuring familiar fruit symbols and simple mechanics with free spins. The platform will feature exciting releases such as Seven Books Unlimited and the popular Win-O-Rama series, including the new Win-O-Rama XL Extended.

This partnership will be mutually beneficial, with Uniclub expanding its gaming collection and Swintt strengthening its position in the Eastern European market through the new partnership.

David Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Swintt, commented: “Although Swintt has been present in the Lithuanian market for roughly a year now, we’re always on the lookout for new business opportunities that will expand our network and increase the number of new customers we’re able to connect with. With its rich offline history in the country and its ambitious plans to take this great success online, in Uniclub we believe we’ve found the perfect partner to work with in Lithuania and we’re very much looking forward to assisting its growth efforts by supplying it with our full range of Swintt games.”

Martynas Matulevicius, Chief Executive Officer at Uniclub.lt commented: “While UAB Unigames has a well-known presence in Lithuania due to its land-based slots and history of sports sponsorship, we recognise that if we want to replicate this success at Uniclub.lt, the easiest way is to join forces with the industry’s best providers. Given the amazing growth it has enjoyed over the past couple of years, Swintt definitely fits this criterion and we’re delighted to now be able to offer its games to our Lithuanian customers. With a wide choice of SwinttGames and Premium releases being added over the coming weeks, we’re sure they’re going to prove a hugely popular addition to our platform and we can’t wait to work with them.”

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