The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan is Firmly Against Gambling in the Ranks of the Military and Among Reservists

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan has banned military and conscript soldiers from participating in gambling, and this prohibition will be extended to the future reserve military service, planned for formation in 2025. This is stated in the message of the country’s Minister of Defense, Ruslan Jaksylykov 

The minister emphasized that the latest version of the charter of the country’s armed forces clearly prohibits participation in gambling for military personnel and conscripts, while officers should refrain from such entertainment. He also noted that these rules will be extended to reservists.

Ruslan Jaksylykov raised an important issue — the problem of gambling addiction in Kazakhstan, which is a serious challenge for society. At the moment, there is no clear method of identification of the problem, but work is being actively carried out in this direction. Gambling addiction affects people of all ages and social groups, including young people, contract soldiers and military officers.

Jaksylykov gave an example of an incident last year when military personnel were spotted in a casino and were subsequently discharged from the armed forces. The minister emphasized that military service involves special responsibility, despite civil rights, the charter of the country’s armed forces clearly defines restrictions on certain rights and freedoms during service. He called on society to jointly solve this problem.

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