SOFT2BET at the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit: New Horizons of Motivational Engineering Technologies

At the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit, held in Cyprus on December 7-8, Soft2Bet, a leading provider of B2B platforms for casinos and sports betting companies, presented its innovative motivational game (MEGA). For the company, the summit was a key platform where it highlighted the convergence of iGaming and Fintech, showcasing strategies to transform user experiences across industries.

Uri Poliavich, founder and CEO of Soft2Bet, sat down for a roundtable with Forbes fintech journalist Meaghan Johnson. Their discussion centered on the potential of MEGA and its possible disruptive role in the iGaming space, as well as in the fintech and financial services space.

Additionally, during a panel discussion titled “The Future of Fintech in the Game Industry,” Gilad Naim, COO of Soft2Bet, underscored the crucial role of Fintech in gaming interactions. Naim emphasized the significance of streamlined KYC processes and highlighted Soft2Bet’s MEGA innovations as an additional layer of entertainment for players.

Soft2Bet’s strategy includes using MEGA to seamlessly integrate gamification into the fintech space. The company plans to release a gamified wallet in order to attract more attention from users.

Soft2Bet’s vision for the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit demonstrates its commitment to leading transformation in both iGaming and fintech, setting new standards in innovation and engagement. This event became a key event for the technology community in Cyprus, bringing great excitement and enthusiasm.

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