Kazakhstan Proposes to Ban Access to Gambling for Debt-ridden Gamblers

The Minister of Sports and Tourism of Kazakhstan shared information about possible restrictions on gambling for the citizens of Kazakhstan.

The Minister of Sports and Tourism, Ermek Marzhikpayev, confirmed that the changes will affect everyone included in the register of debtors, alimony defaulters or those with loan debts. Additionally, an increase in the age threshold to 25 years and a complete ban on advertising of bookmakers and sweepstakes on all platforms are being considered. These amendments are already under consideration in parliament.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed to establish restrictions on gambling for certain groups of citizens at a meeting of the Security Council. The President noted the need to pay special attention to educational and explanatory measures in the fight against gambling addiction.

“Taking into account the public outcry around the problem of gambling addiction, together with the Deputy Corps, a number of legislative amendments have been developed to restrict gambling. Ideological and outreach work will be strengthened, starting with educational organizations at all levels. All these measures are aimed at legal regulation and ensuring law and order to prevent the development of gambling addiction in the country,” said Mr. Marzhikpayev.

The department noted the prospects for the development of national sports. In a year, the number of people involved in the national sports increased by 95 thousand people, reaching 500 000 athletes in 2021. The number of accredited sports has also increased — from 7 to 11.

“Togyz Kumalak and Cossack Kuresi competitions were included as UNESCO intangible heritage. Also, our national sports have already reached the international level. World championships, Asian championships and various international competitions are held in national sports. If we put it in the context of educational programs, today such national sports as Togyz Kumalak, Cossack Kuresi and Asyk Atu are included as a component in physical education lessons,” said Erbol Myrzabosynov, Chairman of the Committee for Sports and Physical Education of MTS RK.

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