YouTube and Twitch Fined $3.5 Million by Italian Regulator for Gambling Advertising

The Italian Authority for Communications Guarantees (AGCOM) has issued significant fines to YouTube and Twitch (Alphabet Inc and Amazon respectively) for multiple violations of gambling advertising ban in the country.

The total amount of fines was $3.42 million: $2.45 million for YouTube and $970,000 for Twitch. Additionally, the regulator announced the removal of over 20,000 videos that promoted various aspects of gambling, including betting and casinos.

The investigation revealed that both platforms mentioned have established commercial partnerships with video creators responsible for content that violates gambling advertising regulations in Italy.

YouTube and Twitch are set to review their content and partnership policies after receiving fines to avoid future violations of Italian laws.

Recall that a year ago, AGCOM also fined Google in the amount of $810,000, as well as Top Ads in the amount of $755,000 for violating the ban on gambling advertising in the country.

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