Match Fixing: UEFA Concerned With the Situation In The I and II Divisions of Azerbaijan

Sarkhan Hajiyev, Secretary General of the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA), addressed local media with information about the launch of an investigation into possible match fixing in Azerbaijani football.

According to Hajiyev, AFFA was notified by UEFA about suspicious games taking place simultaneously in the First and Second divisions of Azerbaijani football, corresponding to the second and third levels in its structure. However, the AFFA representative refrained from mentioning the names of the teams or specific matches that came under suspicion, citing the need to maintain confidentiality during the investigation. It is known that AFFA is cooperating with law enforcement agencies in the investigation.

“Every little signal is examined very seriously. We urge people who resort to this method to refrain from such actions. Because those whose guilt is subsequently proven will not go unpunished. The easiest sanction for them would be a lifelong ban from football,” Gadzhiev said.

Recently, the Azerbaijani FC Difai, which occupies last place in the First Division table, was suspected as a possible participant in match fixing. Even without notifications from UEFA, obvious suspicions arose, but the results of the audit of this club remain unknown.

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