Soft2Bet Continues to Implement Advanced AI Technologies for Success in 2024

Based on “significant growth” in 2023, Soft2Bet forecasts a continuous increase in AI use in 2024.

In 2023, thanks to the implementation of a new gamification strategy, the company’s gross revenue in Denmark and Sweden increased by more than 65%.

The company’s gamification strategy fueled this growth as deposit volumes increased by more than 50% and average revenue per user grew by more than 70%.

Martin Collins, CBDO at Soft2Bet, said: “For 2024, we look forward to furthering our innovation and motivational engineering offerings while expanding our reach across the globe. The next year will be a pivotal one both for our company and the igaming industry more broadly. We focused on driving these exciting new trends as we continue to disrupt and drive the industry forward”.

The company confirmed that gamification will remain at the center of its growth strategy throughout 2024. This is explained by the platform provider’s four key industry forecasts for the current year. The first of them is associated with the increasing popularity of mobile games in global markets.

Soft2Bet highlighted the key role of operators who “stay ahead of the curve” in online casino products and markets, as their innovation plays a critical role in driving global evolution in the field.

The platform provider predicts greater adoption of artificial intelligence this year, following innovation trends. While 2023 may have been a pivotal year in the use of AI, the new technology will be increasingly in demand in the gaming industry. Specifically, Soft2Bet sees the potential of using AI to more accurately analyze customer preferences and, as a result, improve gamification offers.

This period will also be important in terms of user experience and interface, as the group predicts that operators will need to implement the latest innovations to maximize user interaction.

Finally, the company reaffirmed its commitment to responsible gaming in 2024, promising “more innovative, proactive and user-friendly responsible gaming tools and solutions.”

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